Tools of the Trade II

Here are the rest of the tools of the trade I could not live without in my knitting bag.

Knitting Bucket

My trick or treat bucket that I use to carry my knitting from one place to another.

This is a trick-or-treat bucket that I got from McDonald’s a little over a year ago that I love to keep my current ball of yarn in. I have seen many baskets and bags that have been made specifically for knitting, but I prefer this for everyday use, or a reusable grocery bag for travel or when we go to a performance.

Sewing Needles

A diverse collection of needles ranging from tapestry to beading.

Something you definitely need to finish any knitting project are sewing needles. I use this Needle Nest to hold everything from my tapestry needles to my beading needles. If funds are short you can always use an old aspirin or prescription bottle, which is what I used before I found this handy little device. The nice thing about this is it is magnetic so if I knock it over the needles don’t go flying all over and get lost.

Yarn Winder

The quickest way to make a center-pull skein I have ever seen.

The last thing that I consider part of my necessary knitting materials is my yarn winder. Since I have gotten it, it has saved me hours of time winding center pull yarn balls for my projects. It is, however, not necessary as you can find many videos on Youtube for how to roll a center pull ball. The upside of this kind of ball is that it does not roll about when you remove yarn from it unlike a normal wound ball of yarn.


Just as a reminder, I do not get any kind of incentive or compensation for the above links and I have only included them so that it will save you time when looking for them online. If you find a better deal elsewhere please feel free to post about it in the comments.


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