Pattern of the Week: Teresa’s Knot

This week’s pattern is one that is close to my heart. I created it from stitches I found in my stitchionaries and combined them for my lovely Aunt Teresa, hence the name. She is a lover of anything Celtic especially Celtic knots and I wanted to provide her with something that kept her hands warm while knitting. It took many hours to prefect this pattern and it is one of the ones I have made that I am most proud of.

So, after teaching you how to do the more specialized stitches for cable work I decided to provide you with a bit of challenge. Below are the patterns for my Teresa’s knot gloves. The first pattern is repeated four times before the intricate knot-work is done. It is important to remember that these patterns are meant to be read right to left and are written for the round which has no wrong side.

Honeycomb chart

This chart is worked four times for the sleeve.

Teresa's Knot

A celtic knot that is worked on the hand part of the glove

I hope you enjoy the challenge, let me know if you experience any problems with this pattern. Here is the finished design:

Finished Teresa's Knot


What do you think?