Business Woes

June 13th, 2013

When I started my business Arachnia Knitting I thought, “Hey this will be cool and easy, I mean everyone sells stuff online, right?” Oh boy howdy, was I wrong. Getting this business started was and is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Remember, I am a Bachelor’s of English. I never took any kind of accounting or business management course. I am doing everything for Arachnia by hand, and trying to gauge prices and shipping from what I know from shipping Christmas packages. It is not easy.MjAxMy0zNzU4NjM4NGJjNWI0ODZk

And then there is this blog. I love writing, but I started this blog the same time I started Arachnia, last October, and I was supposed to be posting every day Monday-Friday. How many posts do I have? Forty-one. Not including the post I am currently writing. If I love writing so much, why so few posts? The answer is simple. I am great about writing on a deadline, but I am very bad at coming up with ideas on a deadline. As I said yesterday, I try to draft any strange or interesting ideas/stories so that I remember to write about them later, but some of them are projects I have not completed, or things that I am not ready to talk about yet. This makes my job even harder, if you can believe that.

So why am I telling you, the scant people who read my blog, this? Because I am an honest person, and I am hoping that this will help someone else who is trying to write a blog know that they are not alone in their struggles. After a year of being open I have one on-again-off-again student, and I have, as yet, not sold anything n my Etsy store. I have read volumes on what to price hand-made goods at and how to sell them, but I have not yet sold anything, even after i slashed all those carefully calculated prices in half. It has gotten to the point that I am starting a work-at-home call center job on Monday so that we can make the bills that have stacked up.

I know a work-at-home call center job sounds cushy, but the pay is minimum wage, and to be honest, the reason I chose this kind of work, other than I am kind of good at it, is so I can still work on Arachnia. Building this business is a passion of mine. I enjoy it so much, and I love writing this blog. I don’t want either to stop for any reason, so I am taking a job where I can still work, even while I am working.crafting_c-425x282

I know this post has been a little depressing, but I like to open with the people who read my blog, or read my stats on Facebook. I would love to hear your comments, and I would love it even more if you would just wander around my Etsy store and maybe share this blog and my Facebook around. I am an Indie business, and right now we don’t have the money to advertise, plus word of mouth is always better!


Anyway, enough of being depressing I have a Baby Blanket to knit!

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Ponderings of a Hydra: A Poem

June 12th, 2013

It has happened, I have writer’s block. I am starting a new job on Monday, yay!, and I have not been feeling well this week. I am striving to post something everyday, but sometimes my brain just has nothing for today so I am going to post one of my poems for your enjoyment. (I hope you enjoy it anyway) Have a great day!

Ponderings of a Hydra

Sleek and beautiful

I roam the land.

I love this land with the waving grasses

And gently rolling hills.

I can see the forests, but the trees are large,

Far larger than myself who dwarves all the other living things.

I cannot make the trees move so I move in another direction.


I eat the animals that roam free.

Sometimes these animals hop on their back legs

But I avoid them; they hardly make a snack for me.

I prefer the four legged kind, the light agile ones

That leap from my shadow, and the lumbering ones

Too stupid to do so.


Sometimes I knock over lines of wood.

I wonder where these unnaturally straight lines

Came from, if they are children of the wood.


Then all the two legged animals come

After me with sharpened sticks unnaturally shiny.

They hack and tear at my body like predators.

Their teeth flashing and cutting into my skin,

They hack at my lovely neck.

Suddenly I suffer

Many personalities…

I can no longer control all of my legs.

My breathing has a mind of its own…


Why must the little two legs chop off my head?

I can see the grit and grime coating their feet.





I am back with my body but there are more of me.

Why can’t the puny creatures understand?

The harder they try the more of me there will be.

This is a blessing, for all animals wish to kill me.


My heads thrash through the air each its own serpent.

Watching the man become many, as I bite off his head.


Then the slash

A freezing sensation in my chest,

Following by a burning….

Can it be that after all these years…

They have found…

My heart?


I feel something pouring from me,

My deep blue ichor sprays the ground and suddenly…



The weight of my heads is too much for my body and I fall.

The ground quakes under my weight even as

The acid in my ichor eats the ground and the men

With their sharp teeth.

Darkness comes to me and I think…

Peace at last.

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Re-homing Brigid

June 11th, 2013

Well this post is a bit late I think we re-homed our puppy about a month ago, but sometimes I have to adjust before I am ready to post about a topic…

Brigid was our 8 month old Great Pyrenees puppy. She was loving, energetic, and a goofball, and I loved her very much. Deciding to re-home Brigid was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It was not something we took lightly, nor was it something we decided spur of the moment. I guess there are a couple of things you have to understand about Great Pyrenees to understand why we were not the best home for her.

brigid 1

They are extra-large dogs. And I mean extra-large at 8 months old she was about 1/2-2/3 her full size and 70 lbs. Her sire was 150 lbs and her mother was at least over 100 lbs. Now these are big dogs. Very big dogs. And big dogs need a lot of exercise. Now, I work from home, but even then she was not getting enough. Our yard is not currently fenced although we had planned to do that over the winter last year, but it did not happen because Jason was very sick last winter. I took her on walks, but not often enough. In the end she ended up having a problem with her leg that we thought was hip dysplasia. It turns out it wasn’t, thank goodness! Just a lack of enough exercise, and it was this that forced our hand with re-homing her. It was obvious that since this was Jason’s and my first dog we had chosen the wrong breed. They can be food (resource) aggressive, and the older she got the worse it was becoming. None of this was her fault, we were doing the best we could, but when I realized she was not getting enough exercise it was time for her to go to a new and better home.

The first thing I did was call the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Missouri, but what they told me was upsetting. They said if she was showing signs of hip dysplasia at 8 mo they would put her down. I could not let anyone do that to my baby, she was happy, carefree and otherwise healthy. I would keep her until she was ready for the rainbow bridge if I had to, but no one was putting down my baby. So Jason and I reviewed our options and after some soul-searching decided that we would put her up online, but where? That was when Jason came across this blog. It gave me the tools I needed to be able to re-home my baby.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Re-homing a dog on Craigslist? Surely anyone you get will merely want to use her as a bait dog or a fighting dog. I understand, I really do when people think that. Here is the thing though, Brigid was too big for me to think she would make a great baiting dog, and Great Pyrenees do not fight. Ever. They bark. But regardless of those things I was also ready to take any time that was needed and as long as it took to find her the perfect home.

Brigid 2

As the blog suggested I wrote about her good and bad qualities, and I also wrote about what we were looking for. I was looking for someone with a large yard or, preferably, a farm. I needed her to go to someone who had experience at least with large breed dogs, but, again preferably, specifically with Great Pyrenees. As I said before, these are big dogs. They are very cuddly, but they can also hurt you without meaning to. Brigid broke a crown in my mouth just playing around, now it was a root canal so I didn’t notice until the next day, but she did not mean to and I did not mind. After I wrote the ad, and posted pictures I sat back and waited to see if we would get any responses. In the end, before I chose her new home we got three.

One was for a birthday present, and they had experience with large dogs. They seemed nice enough and we were e-mailing back and forth until I asked them if they had a yard. Never got a response, so not the right home for my baby.

The second was a person who wanted to use Brigid to guard chickens. Now, that is what Great Pyrs in the US are used for, most commonly anyway, but not every Great Pyr is a good chicken guarder. I had a dog that wanted to play with my little six pound cat, so not a good idea to have her around chickens.

The final one was from a wonderful woman named Bridget who had a farm in Festus. She wanted a companion, which Brigid was, and had just lost her two dogs, one a Great Pyr, a little less than a month apart. I felt for her and after a lengthy phone conversation we decided to take Brigid and go down to the farm and check it out. If it didn’t seem right we could always bring her back home. So we went, and Goddess I wanted Bridget to take me in too! It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. There were runner ducks and tame geese, mini horses, and full-grown ones. There were over 700 acres for her to run in and a lake for her to splash in if she was of a mind. Bridget, who was lonely without her dogs, was thrilled with her and the match couldn’t be more perfect. That is where my lovely baby is today and I couldn’t be happier for her.

Brigid 4

Moral of the story? As long as you take your time and you are picky as you want to be, even you can find a new home for your dog on Craigslist.

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